Now, China develops AI ‘prosecutor’

As artificial intelligence(AI) technology gathers momentum worldwide, reports claim China has developed an AI “prosecutor” which can charge people using the high-end technology.

According to Chinese researchers, the AI “prosecutor” can file charges against an accused with over 97 per cent accuracy based on verbal description.

The machine has reportedly been built by Shanghai Pudong People’s Procuratorate. In a paper published by Chinese researchers, they said the AI technology can help lessen the workload of prosecutors and it has the ability to replace prosecutors in the decision-making process in some cases.

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The new technology can reportedly be used on a desktop computer as it analyses billions of data stored in its system. The AI machine was reportedly trained using thousands of cases between 2015 to 2020. It can reportedly spot dangerous driving, credit card fraud, gambling operations including theft and fraud with upgrades likely to be put into the system by the researchers.

However, some prosecutors are wary about the new technology. They say the “AI prosecutor” could make a mistake in complicated cases. Also, the fact that it has been trained in previous cases would make it unreliable in new cases under ever changing social environment.

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(With inputs from Agencies)

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