The International Cultural and Creative Industries Regulatory Authority – ICCIRA, is a research and legislative organisation, in the cultural and creative industries ecology.

ICCIRA monitors and records the constitutional, legal and regulatory elements, changes, conflicts, matters and phenomena, related to the cultural and creative sectors, which infulence the social reform industries globally.

Our Partners are our Stakeholders, which have a societal obligation to serve the cultural and creative industries, often formed by the same industries and sectors they support.

Our constitutional obligation is to listen to, and to understand what they are saying. For ICCIRA this is the simplest way to show its appreciation, and support creativity, global societal synchronicity, and our civilisation.

This gratitude, is not only beneficial for our Partners, it also helps our causes, enriching the roots of our societies.

We are grateful to present our Partners, acknowledging and promoting their good work.

ICCIRA Partners (alphabetical order)

The Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS), formerly known  as the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States, is an organisation created by the Georgetown Agreement in 1975. It is composed of 79 African, Caribbean and Pacific states, with all of them, save Cuba, signatories to the Cotonou Agreement, also known as the “ACP-EC Partnership Agreement” which binds them to the European Union. There are 48 countries from Sub-Saharan Africa, 16 from the Caribbean and 15 from the Pacific.

Artality is a live events management services and production company, based in London. Artality creates its own productions and offers to other companies’ a variety of services. Trading corporations’, creative industries production companies’, artistic directors and other artistic or cultural initiatives choose Artality Ltd. as their partner for the versatile and adaptable to their needs projects. Artality promotes conferences, events and live cultural and creative industries productions.

The Arts Council Greece (ACG) or Arts Council is a non-profit organization, a foundation, based in Athens, Greece. The body has been created with the aim to substantially supporting other cultural institutions, NPOs-NGOs and artists with the means available, offering services through proposed planning and organisation. The ACG supports cultural and artistic productions in Greece as well research on cultural management, infrastructures, society and economy. The ACG is a member of the artistic, cultural and creative industries international consortium, the International Independent.

Artfundi are creative engineers, making complex artwork management easy. Artfundi art management software for art collectors, galleries and artists who want to effectively manage their inventory. Artfundi Software was conceived in 2011 as a proprietary gallery system. Since then it has been refined and developed to meet the full range of real-life artworld needs.
It is supported by a passionate team based in four cities on three continents, determined to help our clients from all over the world succeed on the global stage, ensuring they benefit from having a single system they manage 100% in-house.

The aim of Arnava is to publish recent and original researches in the field of World Archaeology, including topics in Indology, art, architecture, anthropology, history, numismatics, epigraphy, religion etc. The Journal Arnava has a list of senior experts as guest editors of different fields to peer review and provide comment on the submitted articles/research papers to maintain high standard of published articles/research papers. Knowledge cannot be barred in boundaries of subjects. Arnava also publishes a variety of papers in the field of literature, society, corporate governance, criminology, cross-cultural studies, demography, development studies, economics, industrial relations, information technology, international relations, law & order, linguistics, paralegal, performing arts, visual arts, women studies etc.

Bayimba Cultural Foundation was founded on 6 June 2006 and legally incorporated on 27 November 2007 as a (not-for-profit) company with limited guarantee. The Foundation is the genesis of the Bayimba venture. It is the machine room of Bayimba where all programmes, activities, initiatives and entities originate and sprout from. Within the evolving Bayimba set-up, the Foundation will continue to play this role of initiator and pioneer and kick-start programmes and initiatives that are deemed necessary to develop the arts and culture in Uganda and East Africa.

Fazemos Filmes is a production, broadcasting & media production company offering a variety of services including film directors and post production editing services.
Its main objective is to identify and evaluate as well as produce high added value projects cultural heritage and other societal, cinematographic and documentary projects, in Baixo Alentejo area.

INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF THE SCENE THE ART OF THE SUN The secret driving force behind this Festival is to create a space for reflection where a balance is sought between the unstoppable beauty of the Peruvian landscape, the Pacific Ocean and the shocking advance of “modernity” that shakes the inhabitants of Máncora.

The International Cultural and Creative Economy and Development also known as ICCED, is an annual conference held in Athens, Greece, every year since 2009. The conference has been created by a small consortium of individuals, mainly representatives of non governmental and non profit organisations.

The Conference Committee is bringing together academics, public and private sectors, cultural and creative actors, researchers, organisation delegates from the Cultural Diplomacy, Cultural Heritage and Cultural Economy sector, in order to facilitate communication among societies and cultural actors, promoting social balance, education and cultivation, access to justice, social understanding and inclusion.

The Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, established in memory of Smt. Indira Gandhi, is visualised as a centre encompassing the study and experience of all the arts – each form with its own integrity, yet within a dimension of mutual interdependence, interrelated with nature, social structure and cosmology.

This view of the arts, integrated with, and essential to the larger matrix of human culture, is predicated upon Smt. Gandhi’s recognition of the role of the arts as essential to the integral quality of person, at home with himself and society. It partakes of the holistic worldview so powerfully articulated throughout Indian tradition, and emphasized by modern Indian leaders from Mahatma Gandhi to Rabindranath Tagore.

The International Independent is an industrial consortium of cultural organisations and councils orientated towards the Arts, Cultural, Creative and Entertainment Industries, including certain areas such as the educational sectors, conferences, entertainment and recreation, sports sectors, tourism, exhibition, games, industrial, interior, landscape, products, textiles, related breeder and fostering creativity sectors, mobility and migration organisations, events and movements also related to cultural exchanges, health and welfare, psychology and body therapy, technology areas, diplomacy, economy (also connected fiscal policy and private developments and markets) and finance sectors.

The International Independent Creative Industries Council-IICIC focuses on research, evaluation and promotion, on economic and management activities which are concerned with the generation of knowledge and information according to Howkins (2001). The IICIC environment is mainly taking an interest in the Independent Creative Industries – CI Scene and environment, its CI actors as well as their identified and forthcoming interests. The IICIC supports independent artists, initiatives and organisations in a diversity of ways.

The International Independent Cultural Council, is a cultural organisation, linked to arts, literature, creative industries and entertainment, focusing on research and data gathering, cultural economy, management, marketing and promotion, specifically linked to Civilisations, Cultural Ecologies and Markets and to related productivities and production lines.

The International Independent Cultural Council does not sponsor nor supports any type of political activities, political parties, religions and religious initiatives.

The organisation is not linked to movements (with the exception of non political cultural artistic, entertainment, cultural and creative movements, internally and on a case by case basis validated).

The International Independent Arts Council (IARC) is a progressive, non-governmental Foundation (UK, GR, US). It appeared during late nineties when Panayiotis Neufelt, Founder and Chairman of the Organization,  demonstrated its Manifesto in establishing an innovative and independent research and cultural, creative industries and arts backing body.

The aim of the International Independent Arts Council is to research, understand and communicate the needs and social, economic and political phenomena that impact on the arts, the cultural and the creative industries. Its aim is to identify, to evaluate and to document the basis of those needs, the identification and evaluation of which provides the fundamental elements for the creation of the necessary scientific data results.

From banquets to shopping and from TV Shows to news and books the International Independent Entertainment Council – IIEC, supports in various ways independent entertainment actors and companies to come together, network and create something spectacular, aesthetically sound, supporting at the same time our societies and neighbourhoods.

 the International Entertainment Council – IEC, explores and researches the elements which are mobilising the vivid, nascent and colourful community of people and corporations, in the entertainment ecology. We support in a variety of ways entertainment actors and companies to come together, network and create something spectacular, aesthetically sound, supporting at the same time our societies and neighbourhoods. 

The International Entertainment Council is an entertainment ecology organisation, linked to cultural, arts, literature and creative industries, focusing on research and data gathering, entertainment economy, management, marketing, and promotion, specifically linked to entertainment ecologies, contemporary trends, markets, and to related entertainment production lines and productivities.

Associação Kupendana, abbreviated as Kupendana, a non-profit private, non-governmental social collectivity, endowed with legal personality, administrative, patrimonial and financial autonomies, with its registered office based in in the Paquitequete neighbourhood, Pemba – Cidade District, Cabo Delgado
Province, represented by Sumail Abdulcarimo, President, collectively referred to as “the Partners”.

Kupendana association is a non-profit private, non-governmental social collectivity, and organized for the purposes of: Contribute to the process of socio-economic development, to guarantee the best quality of life for all, defending them in their collective and individual rights, organizing them in action structures and developing social, educational, cultural and claiming work by residents of the Neighborhood, Province in particular and Country in general.

Music Art Magazine has been actively involved in the Art industry since 2016 in a supportive manner towards artists, venues and their audience, through the organization of events such as the collective “Art for Change Festival”, the preservation of the MAG Art Blog and a parallel promotion of artistic work via common social networking channels.A need to create an online portal, where artists and venues will be presenting their work and activities, but also have the ability to engage in a specialized network that portrays and promotes the Arts, has emerged through the above activity and is becoming more and more urgent.MAG wishes to bring together cultural carriers and the driving force of culture in an aesthetically pleasing virtual space with the purpose of facilitating its members and the existing market by providing customized services.Finally, MAG wants to create a strong core of human potential, with the help of which it will remodel Art interaction and raise the value of artistic work for the benefit of the artists and the market they represent.

Association for Mértola’s Heritage Defense – ADPM, was founded in 1980 to actively contribute to the harmonious development of the municipality of Mértola, based on the conservation, dynamization and valorisation of local resources, favoring the involvement of the local population in the process of improving the conditions and quality of life of the communities.

ADPM‘s mission is fundamentally related to the economic, social and cultural development of the territories where it participates, sharing strategically with public and private entities, but also with the citizens, the responsibility of actively participating in the dynamics of its own local development processes.

We are Mythical Greece. Our main goal is to promote ancient Greek culture and ancient Greek history
with the help of mythology and philosophy. We intend to journey every traveler not only “back in time” but also in the locations, where all the great battles and achievements of the Ancient Greeks took place. We
thoroughly analyze the Greek tourism market in order to develop and continuously improve our tourism products thus increasing profitability for our associates and quality for our travelers.

Portuguese Music Loving Itself Association [Portuguese Music Loving Itself] is a Portuguese project, created by the director Tiago Pereira, aiming to develop an awareness of the knowledge and importance of an often forgotten living patrimony of oral tradition: Songs, novels , short stories, sacred and profane practices, music, dance and also gastronomy. Since this pandemic situation started, MPAGDP was forced to stay home without recording but, through an agreement with a municipality in the center of Portugal MPAGDP started to record people singing and sharing their stories, memories and what they know by memory in the windows of their houses with all the safety procedures assured, a project called the “Portuguese music enjoying itself, at the window”, which brings hope and makes the older people feel happier and less alone.

Past Preservers is the creative hub between Academia & the Media. We provide consultancy, casting & talent representation. We deliver the results you need by providing exceptional experts, versatile presenters & creative assistance throughout the life of your project.

Our comprehensive database of heritage professionals, a crucial and exclusive resource for our clients, includes historical and scientific specialists in a wide array of fields. We connect our clients to the historical world, providing research, story development, casting and production assistance.

Spira is a company specialized in heritage revitalization projects with an experience of over 20 years in the sector.

Spira is recognized for its degree of problem solving and innovative solutions to old and new challenges in Cultural Heritage, in all its projects. Spira works in the areas of Cultural and Landscape Touring, Education, Training, Communication and Cultural Heritage Consultancy.

The work in these areas at the service of several entities and organizations derives from the accumulated experience in projects created, produced and managed by Spira, itself.

The World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations is e a non-profit making professional organization dedicated to the promotion of high standards of training and ethics within the profession. The official language used by the Federation shall be English. Legal documents shall be drawn up in the language of the country of the Secretariat. The Federation shall not engage in political, religious or racial activities.
a) To establish contact with Tourist Guide Associations throughout the world, to reinforce their professional ties and to promote and protect the interests of professional tourist guides;
b) To represent professional Tourist Guide Associations internationally;
c) To work for the improvement of the quality and reputation of the profession of Tourist Guides worldwide;
d) To hold a Convention of Tourist Guide Associations at regular intervals.