The International Cultural and Creative Industries Regulatory Authority – ICCIRA, is a research and legislative organisation, in the cultural and creative industries ecology.

ICCIRA monitors and records the constitutional, legal and regulatory elements, changes, conflicts, matters and phenomena, related to the cultural and creative sectors, which infulence the social reform industries globally.

Our Partners are our Stakeholders, which have a societal obligation to serve the cultural and creative industries, often formed by the same industries and sectors they support.

Our constitutional obligation is to listen to, and to understand what they are saying. For ICCIRA this is the simplest way to show its appreciation, and support creativity, global societal synchronicity, and our civilisation.

This gratitude, is not only beneficial for our Partners, it also helps our causes, enriching the roots of our societies.

We are grateful to present our Partners, acknowledging and promoting their good work.

ICCIRA Partners

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