Volunteer Ambassador for the ICCIRA:

•           Acknowledges, understands, promotes and serves the main aim of the ICCIRA which is the need of the formation of a global Cultural and Creative Industries Legal and Regulatory framework

•           Attends international meetings, banquets and parties

•           Acts as a figurehead for their country of origin or country of residence, representing ICCIRA

•           Promotes international relations concentrating on specific areas of interest of ICCIRA (i.e. the organisation he/she is representing, including trade and public relations involvement and cultural relationships)

•           Smoothens relations among countries and cultures and creative organisations, especially in the highly sensitive areas of Laws, Culture, Creative Industries, Politics and Trade

•           Process information about national and local legal matters, economic, cultural and political development in their area of interest or assignment to the ICCIRA

•           Assists ICCIRA Members and cultural actors, artists, cultural and creative industries organisations who are related to ICCIRA, or visiting artists and organisations in his country

•           Explains foreign policies and develops cultural environments according to cases

ICCIRA Ambassadors perform all of their duties with great sensitivity, ensuring a positive relationship between their country of residence and their home nation and ICCIRA.

The position of a Volunteer ICCIRA Ambassador is a non paid job and a honorary placement.

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