The 2023 list of ICCIRA Ambassadors for the years 2023 and 2024 will be presented in April 2023.

Accredited Ambassadors 
New Accredited Ambassadors

ICCIRA’s Accredited Ambassadors and Ambassadresses Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary (alphabetical order).

Ambassadeurs et Ambassadrices Extraordinaires et Plénipotentiaires Accrédités de l’ICCIRA (ordre alphabétique).

Ambassadors (Pending) 


 Volunteer Ambassador for the ICCIRA:

•           Acknowledges, understands, promotes and serves the main aim of the ICCIRA which is the need of the formation of a global Cultural and Creative Industries Legal and Regulatory framework

•           Attends international meetings, banquets and parties

•           Acts as a figurehead for their country of origin or country of residence, representing ICCIRA

•           Promotes international relations concentrating on specific areas of interest of ICCIRA (i.e. the organisation he/she is representing, including trade and public relations involvement and cultural relationships)

•           Smoothens relations among countries and cultures and creative organisations, especially in the highly sensitive areas of Laws, Culture, Creative Industries, Politics and Trade

•           Process information about national and local legal matters, economic, cultural and political development in their area of interest or assignment to the ICCIRA

•           Assists ICCIRA Members and cultural actors, artists, cultural and creative industries organisations who are related to ICCIRA, or visiting artists and organisations in his country

•           Explains foreign policies and develops cultural environments according to cases

ICCIRA Ambassadors perform all of their duties with great sensitivity, ensuring a positive relationship between their country of residence and their home nation and ICCIRA.

The position of a Volunteer ICCIRA Ambassador is a non paid job and a honorary placement.