Call for Members of the Board of Directors

ICCIRA is currently seeking for one (1) board member and additionally two (2) more trial board members.

Please visit the International Cultural and Creative Industries Regulatory Authority website:

Please read the ICCIRA Constitution to get informed in advance.


  1. Please register your interest and apply by sending us an email to
    with a cover letter, your CV and your photo.
  2. Only successful applicants will be contacted.
  3. Applications deadline 20 April 2021.
  4. Successful candidates will be notified before 30 April, 2021.

    Terms of Appointment
    A Member of the Board of Directors is appointed on the recommendation of the appointments committee. The appointment will be made the beginning of May 2021, for an initial period of eight months (31/12/2021), available provision for expansion untill the 31/12/2022.
    As a Board Member, you will be supporting the Management Team and help ICCIRA developing internationally.
    Board member roles are governance and strategy based and occasionally will be expected to support in areas that would usually be designated for operational staff, such as fundraising and bid writing for instance.
    Desired Skills and Experience
    Previous experience as a Board Member, CEO or Director, and knowledge of project management, governance, strategic development, fundraising and planning.
    What are we looking for?
    We are looking for an active and engaged member for the board, who will not only bring along self-motivation, time and dedication, but will also bring passion, drive, enthusiasm and a real energy, in order to help the consortium make a difference in the cultural and creative sectors.
    What’s in it for the volunteer?
    As this role is voluntary, it offers great flexibility to fit around your time, including daytimes, evenings and/or weekends, however the majority of our work will take place at monthly evening meetings with occasional weekend daytime activities.

Responsibilities of all individuals and legal entities, Members of ICCIRA is to:
Establish and ensure the mission statement of ICCIRA is upheld.
Promote and advance for the societal benefit of the international regulatory framework in the arts, culture, creative industries and entertainment.
Encourage and support cultural actors, artists and creativity, as well as all known types of artistic, cultural, creative industries and entertainment organisations and initiatives worldwide.
Uphold the values of ICCIRA and reflect the organisation in a constructive manner.

A board member of any satellite organisation of ICCIRA will:
• Ensure ICCIRA has in place a strategic vision to enable it to maintain ICCIRA pre-eminent position in the world.
• Lead the board of trustees through effective decision making, through consensus building and consulting expert guidance.
• Be an active, public-facing advocate for ICCIRA and amongst senior stakeholders and across governments;
• Ensure the financial stability of the organisation which will include driving ICCIRA proposals for future income generation and investment.
• Lead ICCIRA four level plan to digital transformation.
• Promote an open and useful dialogue within board meetings to support the achievement of ICCIRA’s aims and strategic objectives.
• Work closely with the Chair and the Chief Executive to promote the effective and efficient use of ICCIRA staff and resources.
• Ensure that the organisation complies with its governing document, charity law, company law and any other relevant legislation or regulations.
• Give support to, and challenge, the executive team, ensuring a robust understanding of the roles of the other board members as well and the executive are understood by all.
• Ensure all other board members have the necessary skills and competencies to service the organisation, through skills audit and the appointed director process.
• This position is on voluntary basis and not remunerated.

The Management